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Post Graduate Training

Learning The Bowen Technique may be a turning point in your life. It has been for many people who have taken the course with us. From the outset you will be taught to use your newly acquired skills to help those in pain.

After you have qualified as a practitioner in The Bowen Technique you will be assisted to develop your skills and knowledge even further—so that you may achieve your full potential in this remarkable therapy.

Therefore Bowen Training UK offers continual professional development courses and seminars to broaden your understanding and refine your skills. As we are part of a worldwide network of practitioners we are able to draw upon the resources of a large number of very experienced Bowen instructors—many of whom have additional skills and knowledge which they bring from their previous healthcare training into the post-graduate seminars. Some of the seminars are run by instructors from Australia, USA and UK.

Here are just some of the topics that we make available to the qualified Bowen therapist after the basic training course:


Module 8

Revision of all procedures within Modules 1—6 plus some new procedures including ideas on Strapping Knees Elbows and Wrists along with many useful tips on Assessing clients Presented by the Bowen Training UK Instructors.

Course dates for 2021

To follow

2019 Application form & Info Mod 8.doc

Modules 9 & 10

12 New powerful Advanced procedures plus 6 new procedure brought forwards from the SBP 2 course.  Presented by Bowen Training UK Senior Instructors.

Course dates for 2021

To follow

2016 SBP 1  Info & Application form Sept 16.doc

Master Class Modules 11 & 12 Specialised Bowen Procedures 2

This exciting course is for practitioners who have completed the Advanced work and are looking for the ultimate moves to extend their understanding of Bowen.

Learn first hand many new Procedures & Exercises in this exciting Seminar. These procedures will “trouble shoot” problems that have not resolved, with previously known procedures and offers more options for you to consider. The content of the SBP 2 manual is a compilation of those extra moves and procedures that have not previously been documented, it will encourage you to enhance your observational and assessment skills enabling you to “pinpoint” more accurately which procedure or individual moves to choose.

Dates to follow for 2021

For information on the SBP2 Master Class course contact the co-ordinator -

Ellen Cobb - bowen@ellen-cobb.co.uk

POSTGRADUATE WORKSHOPS - all workshops listed carry 16 hours CPD.

Ellen with Ossie & Elaine Rentsch