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The Course

 The seven module course in The Bowen Technique is primarily a hands-on course. It consists of many hours of practical training to ensure accuracy and understanding of what you’re doing.

The comprehensive 3 Part training manual comprises photographs and drawings so you can easily locate the precise position of each Bowen ’move’. Additionally there are explanatory notes for each procedure as well as guidance on how to prepare the client prior to treatment, post-treatment advice and any contra-indications to treatment. There is also a fast reference guide and glossary of terms used.

Note: This instruction manual is based upon the original notes and drawings made by Oswald Rentsch, when working in the clinic of Tom Bowen.    


FEEDBACK. Here are a few comments from recent students who have undertaken the Practitioner course:

     “Very pleased—I have learnt a lot in a short time”

        “Very professional and very patient. Excellent sense of humour helped immensely.”

            “I’m very pleased and excited with what I’ve achieved and the prospect of now helping friends                 and family”.

                  “I have taken in loads of information and now desperate to use it.”

                    “I have thoroughly enjoyed the course”

                      “Great course - I am very satisfied


The Course outline and costs

Modules 1—7 must be taken in consecutive order

Module 1: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for lower back, upper back, neck, kidney, head.


Module 2: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for hamstrings, respiratory, shoulders, cramp.

Module 3: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for pelvis, elbow & wrist, sacrum, knee.

               Review of previous modules.

Module 4: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for upper respiratory tract and tempero-mandibular joint, ankle & foot procedures including strapping techniques, babies & children, forearm and Bowen seated. Review of previous modules.

Module 5: (2 days) Bowtech procedures for gall bladder, chest, coccyx, additional                shoulder procedures. Revision of previous modules.

Module 6 : (2 days) Bowtech procedures for bed-wetting, buttock pains, bursitis,                 perineum, thoracic, recommendations to aid conception. Review of previous                 modules.

Module 7: (2 days) Review and assessment of all Bowtech procedures to assess competency. and if all paperwork is completed, successful candidates will receive a Certificate of proficiency from BTAA The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Note:- You may start the Bowtech course without an Anatomy & Physiology Certificate however you will not be issued with your Certificate of Proficiency until you have your A&P Certificate

Course Fees

Module 1 & 2 £520 includes registration fees

Modules 3 – 6 £220 per Module

Review of Modules 1-6 £220

Module 7 £240

Notes for Payment of Course Fees .Pay a deposit of £100 to confirm their place on the course.

Then pay the balance of £420 - two weeks before the start of Mod 1.

Overseas applicants please do not send money until course is confirmed

Modules 1 & 2 £520 payable a minimum of 2 weeks before start date of Mod 1.

Modules 3 & 4 £440 £220 each - payable a minimum of 2 weeks before start date of Mod 3.

Modules 5 & 6 £440 £220 each - payable a minimum of 2 weeks before start date of Mod 5.

Review of Modules of 1-6 £220 - payable a minimum of 2 weeks before start date

Module 7 Assessment £240 payable to the Assessor. a minimum of 3 weeks before start date of Module 7

All course fees payable in GB Pounds Sterling unless you make other arrangements with your Tutor .

Notes about the course

· Modules 1 and 2 are usually held on consecutive weeks or within 4 weeks.

· Each module thereafter will be approximately 6 – 8 weeks apart.

· After module 2 each module commences with a review of the previous module course work which includes a written and practical assessment.

· A total of ten case studies are to be completed by the student during Modules 1-7.

· The basic Module 1-7 course takes approximately 9 – 12 months to complete.

· A Certificate of Proficiency will be issued when the candidate has successfully completed the Module 7, Practical Assessment and has attained an Anatomy & Physiology Certificate to a minimum of

NVQ Level 3 ( further details explained throughout the course)

· For Full membership to BA(UK) on completion of the above requirements, you will need to send them a copy of your A & P Certificate, First Aid Certificate and Insurance Certificate to enjoy the benefits of your Bowen Association UK membership in order to enable you to practice professionally.

Ellen COBB Senior Instructor, 21a Southampton St, Farnborough, Hants GU14 6AU bowen@ellen-cobb.co.uk

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