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Learning The Bowen Technique may be a turning point in your life. It has been for many people who have taken the course with us. From the outset you will be taught to use your newly acquired skills to help those in pain.

After you have qualified as a practitioner in The Bowen Technique you will be assisted to develop your skills and knowledge even further—so that you may achieve your full potential in this remarkable therapy.

The following courses are certified by Bowtech Australia for 8 hrs a day CPD’s.

Courses listed below are at a cost of £110 for one day attendance and £220  for two day attendance.

Practitioners who have graduated from other schools are welcome to attend Bowtech courses in the UK.


Ellen Cobb

This new seminar has been put together by Ellen Cobb, Senior Bowtech Tutor, who has had over

40 years’ experience in top level sport and has always had a great interest in sport in general.

Riding, Hockey, Badminton, Rally Driving, Judo, Windsurfing, Sailing, Parachuting & Golf to name a few. As an 8th Dan and a former England and British International Player & Team Captain of both England and G.B. Women’s Judo Teams, and a Medallist in most Judo Tournaments throughout Europe. Ellen has seen a wide variety of injuries both to herself & others.

This course is a partnership of Ellen’s sporting experiences and her knowledge of Bowen as she has been a Bowen Therapist since 1997 and a Bowtech Tutor since 2000.

· This seminar seeks to enlighten therapists as to the most common injuries across a variety of sports.

· How Bowen might help in the recovery from injuries.

· How Bowen might help prevent some common injuries.

· Also to remind you that similar injuries can occur anywhere and anywhen in life - not just sport.

· There will be something for all Bowen Therapists - no matter what level you have attained.

Pre-requisite for attendance is to have completed Module 7. The course will have 16 hrs CPD

Course content includes:-

Course Manual - with lists of the 5 Most Common Injuries-across 10 different sports.

Illustrations of Action shots -injuries -treatment and rehab exercises.

i. Use of a Power Point presentation

ii. Use of a 3D DVD pictures of the visible body

iii. Time to practice and improve your Bowen techniques

iv. Bowen Exercises & many others

v. Bowen Remedies + some Conventional Remedies

vi. Remedial Stretches and Exercises with illustrations

Dates for 2018


Revision & Body Assessment Workshop

 Ellen Cobb

General revision to improve the main Bowen procedures – Extra information on treating a wide variety of conditions & sports and general injuries - ideas on Postural Assessment - treating clients in unusual positions - information on how & when to use the minimum requirements in emergencies – Power Point presentation, 3D DVD presentation and a variety of Handouts.

Contact Ellen for 2018dates


Bowen and meta-health

Joanne Figov & Annie Gedye

This exciting 2 days combines Bowen and META-Health and will take your practice to a new level of health awareness for you and your client.

Using the connection between organ tissue, beliefs, thoughts and emotions, you will learn information on deeper levels, pinpoint illness patterns, find the root cause of your clients symptoms and practise the relevant Bowen procedures with intuitive awareness throughout the 2 days. Charts supplied, power point, exercises and hands on Bowen work.